What can we do by internet now?

Perhaps people will say that we can do very many things by internet.

But I ask myself.
What can "I" do by internet?
For people, and for future.

I think that internet's merit is speed and spread.

That is power.

So we may be can change the world by that power.
And of course, its realization will provide us with happiness.

But I feel that there is "another happiness" in this world.
And I think that its happiness is provided by changing oneself.

Because, I have experienced it also.

Internet can carry the words to world.
And the words can change the people's heart.

So we made a team and started a project that provide the words by internet.

This project is named AMAZON.
It is coming from women warriors name called "Amazon" in Greek mythology.

Why do we use its name?

Because, world women is fighting now.
For oneself, for children, for husband, for family, and for world.

It is very hard.
And it is war.

So, we named this project "AMAZON".
For learn from their spirit, in a predicament.

Now our team is japanese only.
So we can't use English better.


Please imagine the true meanings of AMAZON's message.
Over the words wall.

Thank you.

   With, change all hatred into love
   With, change all sorrow into dream
   With, change all fear into courage
   From desperate situation
   Please cause a miracle in your heart!